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Elvis Treasure Hunt

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Elvis’s concert of September 26th 1956 at the Mississippi-Alabama State Fair & Dairy Show, recorded by Movietone News, is interrupted at 04:33 by an announcer who introduces Governor James P. Coleman.  Elvis has just sung “Long Tall Sally.” On the charts he’s in a seesaw match with The Platters and Guy Mitchell for number one spot.

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

The Governor makes a presentation, stating that he’s delighted to present Elvis with “a document here which we hope you will keep and treasure.” Governor Coleman then reads the document as it “will take all of half a minute.” To which Elvis responds, “Okay.”

Then Tupelo Mayor James Ballard presents Elvis with a guitar-shaped key to the city, to which Elvis replies “Thank you, Mayor. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much and...ah...and ah...” followed by a shrug and a smile. And then he’s right back into the music at about 6:00 minutes in of the recorded portion of the show, the politics complete and mostly unrecorded it seems, belting out “I Was the One” while the crowd screams. 

Our question is—one generated by sheer ignorance—where is the document? Oh—and more importantly—where is the cool, retro, guitar-shaped key to Tupelo?