Wallpaper Music? Sallie Ford? WTF?

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Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside is many things—perhaps was many things, it seems, as Sallie Ford apparently is now part of an all-girl band.  But back when she was with her Sound Outside crew, she put out a couple of full length albums and some EPs.  Dirty Radio came out in 2011 and Untamed Beast in 2013, both excellent examples of a sort of rockabilly punk, bordering on psychobilly at times. If you are familiar with their work it will be difficult for you to imagine them as wallpaper-music at a political event at a straw poll on The Good Wife.  Wallpaper music is one thing, but to manage to incorporate Ford’s “I Swear” as wallpaper music is a major accomplishment for those involved in this TV series.

If you are familiar with “I Swear,” then you should appreciate the irony of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside singing those words live while everyone wanders around obliviously, glasses in hand. 

“Well, I swear, I swear

I swear, I swear I’ll always say the wrong thing

Even if they never play my music on the radio

‘Cause I can’t help but be a mess

I’ll never be like the rest

I couldn’t, even if I tried

What is this robot sounding bullshit

They just don’t care anymore”--chorus


You can see all this go down at the thirty-nine minute mark of Season four, episode four of The Good Wife.

So the next time you wander by a band with a stand-up bass, players dressed like the waiters perhaps, take a minute to figure out what they are playing, maybe nod to them if you choose.  It won’t be Sallie Ford and the Sound outside unfortunately, but if you are really freaking lucky it may be Ford’s new band.



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