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Better Off With a Good Producer

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Fans of the fine actor John Cusack will fondly remember his hilarious 1985 movie Better Off Dead.  I was re-watching it the other night (on VHS!) and was surprised by one of the credits: “Music by Rupert Hine.”  I wonder how many people were, like me, big fans of Rupert Hine back in the eighties but didn’t know or had forgotten that he wrote the music for this classic film?

Hine had a number of tremendous successes as a producer, with hit albums by Howard Jones, Tina Turner, Chris de Burgh, The Fixx, Saga, and Rush to his credit.  But I retain a special fondness for his often quirky solo work.  For my money, his best album is 1981’s Immunity, which featured surely one of the most ominously named hit singles ever: “I Think a Man Will Hang Soon.”  That song, like many of his songs, itself sounds cinematic, so I oughtn’t have been surprised to discover, or rediscover, that he also wrote movie music.  Check out Rupert Hine’s work both as producer and solo artist and enjoy some of the best sounds of the eighties.



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