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A New One from Blues Guitarist Bryce Janey

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If you are looking for some great guitar blues—the kind with clear tone and bad attitude, in the tradition of Cream, Hendrix, Clapton, and Johnny Winter—then you have to hear Bryce Janey’s latest work, 2013’s Burning Flame

Many fans jumped on board when they heard the Iowa artist’s 2010 release, Blues in My Soul. And if you are new to Janey’s work you will not be disappointed by a close listen to that phenomenal album.  Burning Flame is just about as good and it may be, with hearing and time, it will equal Blues in My Soul.

Janey’s work does go back to 1999 with Bare Wire, followed—however—by a seven year hiatus before he released Heal the Night.  He now appears to be on a more regular schedule with albums released in 2009 (Sweet Baby Jane), 2010 (Blues in My Soul), 2011 (Down Home Blues), and 2013’s Burning Flame. So he has accumulated a bit of a catalogue—and it is Janey’s work, with him writing almost all of the tunes on his albums.

It’s a great power trio and they will not disappoint true blues-rock fans. And while you are exploring, check out his brother, Billy Lee Janey, and The Janeys as well.


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