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Dr. Not-Quite-Yet: Caro Emerald

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There is actually a Facebook page dedicated to promoting Caro Emerald as the singer of the next James Bond film theme,  There has not been a more apt Facebook page to date.  Caro Emerald, Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw of the Netherlands, sounds like an accomplished 60s jazz singer and more than able to handle anything a James Bond theme requires.

She has a voice that could easily handle any of the previous Bond themes, including the male ones such as “Live and Let Die,” and most any jazz song you can think of.  The Shocking Miss Emerald is comprised of fifteen songs that span a range of styles.  She’s a little like Madeleine Peyroux—but not so much as to not be new, too—and like some other more mainstream artists.  In the end, though, her work is unique to her. 

Shocking Indeed

Caro would be an excellent James Bond soundtrack voice, but she is certainly a great find as a jazz-pop artist for anyone who wants to hear a new singer, with new music, who could be an established artist. She has two works to date, 2010’s Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor and 2013’s The Shocking Miss Emerald. Her voice and confidence sound like proof of reincarnation—and that’s a call-out to all the cynical old purists who think nothing new is coming out well.

Check out “Coming Back as a Man,” "Excuse My French," and “Pack Up the Louie” and see if you think this is rehashed anything.  Give Caro a chance, as she does something new in an established way.

 There's nothing wrong in being part of a tradition. “I Belong to You” for next James Bond theme!



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