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Who’s the Female in the Duet?

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We don’t have a Church album right now—the last one being 2009’s Untitled 23—but there is this work by Kilbey and Martin Kennedy from 2013, You Are Everything.  This is not Kilbey’s only work from 2013 either; in fact he is amazingly busy, being part of at least four albums in 2013 alone—two solo and two with Kennedy.  So how is You Are Everything?

The Church Can Be Anywhere

It is good and sounds a good deal like The Church at times.  “Everyone” may most clearly differentiate it, however.   Generally duets are a sign some has-been wants to re-milk a few well placed words from the past, but this shared tune is brilliant and arguably the highlight of the album. Embarrassingly, I cannot find the name of the female singer in this instance.

The rest of the album is equally intriguing and grows on me with each listen.  It is another good album by this excellent collaborationist, Steve Kilbey.  The other 2013 albums allow us to compare some more The Church albums from previous years, and it will be interesting to hear what else Kilbey and his friends did in 2013.

Wish You Were Here

On the whole—and others may disagree with this assessment—You Are Everything sounds a little like a current version of some of the elements of  Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. And that is a good thing. The lyrics are worth the listen and the music is clear and entertaining, as usual.


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