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The Worst Workout Album Ever

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I made a grave error back in 1996.  I wanted some new music to work out to and there was nothing like what we now call the Internet. You could do some things on the Net, but there were few images and certainly nothing like the music review sites we have now.  So I did the usual old thing, wandered into a “record store” with some knowledge from reading, some from listening, and set about choosing a CD.  In the end, after looking through all the bands I knew, I chose an album by a band I had never heard of; it’s hard to believe that Bringing Down the Horse was released so long ago.

Not an Antique, But a Clear Classic

I first heard the Wallflowers in that context—and I loved them, but they are not really that great as a workout band (driving is a different matter). And the most notable thing about this album now, the thing that has to strike all of us who heard it way back then, is that it has to be called a classic album now.  It’s a great album and has stood up over time.

We all know many of the tunes from this album, hearing them over the years in various places. “One Headlight,” “6th Avenue Heartache,” and “Three Marlenas” are at the top of those songs that sound like we have always known them, but revisiting the album is worth every minute of your time.

We`re so Old We Call them Young

It’s odd, but somehow many of us consider The Wallflowers a fairly new band—not a bad accomplishment for a group that put out their first album twenty-one years ago and were formed twenty-four years ago!

Their latest album, Glad All Over, partially fulfills the promise heralded by this 1996 album, an album that went quadruple platinum in 1997, and hopefully points at things to come.  Keep in mind that the initial eponymous album of 1992 sold 40,000 copies originally and has sold over a million since.  This is a real band, folks, and they`re not new.